10 Overrated Celebrity Couples In Kenya

There are these celeb couples who will not stop branding and announcing every step and move about their love relationship.

That is not the problem, however, they do it too much without realizing it.

Yet a close look at it does not reveal the true spirit of love. And they end up shooting self in the foot.

Bahati and Marua

The parents to Mueni and Heaven Bahati are so much prolific when it comes to bragging on social media.

But the Bahati’s don’t realize the danger of sharing too much.

The couples have been called against being unfair to baby mama Yvonne. Bahati came under fire when he failed to celebrate Yvonne on mother’s day as well as when he failed to invite her to the birthday of Mueni.

On Diana Marua, she has been critisized as being insecure with Bahati. Crushing every woman who comes close to him, and assuming the role of Bahati’s manager.

Mr.Seed’s wife accused Diana Marua of mistreatment before Mr.Seed left EMB records

Size 8 and DJ MO

DJ MO and Size 8, who live as serious religious couples and artistes, are neither white as snow.

DJ MO was heavily criticized on how he manhandled Size 8 while they were still dating, took her through inhuman tests to prove her faith in love.

DJ MO, has been also accused of soliciting funds and sex favors from upcoming artists before he plays their music

Size 8 either, has been leading a controversial life under Christ.

She was rebuked when she supported rape accused gospel artists Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat

Also, her lifestyle before being saved is one that lives to be imagined!

Tanasha and Diamond

Call it love in the air, drunk in love or Romeo and Juliet, but what most of Kenyan fans are waiting is their end.

Many believe that despite their social media hype, their love will not defy destiny.

And only time knows when they will call it quit.

The duo have also been

Willy Paul and Nandy

We all knew Willy Paula and Tanzanian singer Nandy’s love affair had a destination.

And i never took them long to reach their end.

Nandy and Willy Paul broke up so easily, like they were hurrying up for another move in a movie script

Erick Omondi and Shantel

Perhaps, the worst of kind of break up, yet done much perfect by a PR machine himself comedian Erick Omondi.

He made it look like a joke, yet he was so serious about, Kenyans only believed when tired said yes, they are no more.

Erick Omondi who was planning a sh.80 million wedding, confirmed the sad news back on May 22nd.


Akothee and her lover Nelly Oaks have been living together for close to two years.

Yet no plans for marriage or giving Nelly Oaks a kid.

According to African setting, Nelly ought to be the head of the house, yet all we see is Akothee brandishing herself and she reduces Nelly Oaks to a mere gym model

If Nelly is a serious chap, he needs to pin down Akothee with a marriage certificate with own kids, rather than just laying her on bed

Saumu Mbuvi and Senator Loitiptip

The love bewteen Saumu Mbuvi, daughter to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has been such a dangerous affair.

After an attack by unknown gangsters in a night club, Saumu and lover have been living in fear.

It is believed that Saumu is being haunted by rejected lover she has been dumping over fortnights

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