10 Phrases Sales Persons Should Immediately Stop Using

As a sales person, there are phrases that it is better not to write or mention, because rather than attracting the consumer, they push them away.

They are sales points that at some point were effective, but which are already widely used, or never fully worked and continue to be used (without realizing that they are useless).

Developing a sales pitch has its degree of difficulty. It seeks to convince people to buy something (which they may not need), it has to be friendly, highlight product features without sounding like a lie, and offer a reasonable price.

Here are some of the worst sales phrases you can find.

  1. “Are you a decision maker?” It sounds rude.
  2. “Buy now and save.” Very cheesy.
  3. “Can I send you some information?” No one wants more information.
  4. “Can I tell you about …?” Same case as the previous one.
  5. “Limited time offer”. Very manipulative.
  6. “Do you have a budget for this?” Too direct in the sense “I want to make a sale”.
  7. “Does this make sense to you?” Very obvious, look for a “yes” to create a moment.
  8. “Have you heard from us?” If they have to ask, it means no.
  9. “Of the highest quality”. Unlikely, but everyone says so.
  10. “How are things going today?” Sounds like false interest.
  11. “I haven’t heard from you in a while.” Sounds like the seller blames them for not buying.
  12. “I thought you were the right person to connect to.” But they are not.
  13. “Wanted to …”. A stranger wants something from you

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