10 Raunchy Photos Of Njoki Murira Bending Over Big Butt While Crouching

With Over 2 million Tik Tok followers, Njoki Murira is among Kenya’s top 5 most followed on the famous video sharing platform.

The young lady who is barely 22 years as of 2023, was born way back in 2001. At her age she has made so much fame and money than most of her peers.

Born as Maureen Njoki Murira her content is basically shaking and showing of her big buttocks in a unique way that no one else does it.

Romour had it that Njoki was building a million worth house for her parents back in the rural area, all from the success of her Tik Tok account.

However, Njoki’s content is not for the faint hearted who love clean content, her borders the thin line of nudity.

Below are some of the photos she shared on social media, that were nasty and pulse racing for men.

Showing Off Cameltoe

With her fellow dancer

Dressed In Tiger Print

Close enough


On a normal day at home

Dressed in skimpy dressed

Blessed back side


Selfie time with booty

What a challenge

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