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10 Reasons Why Sales Persons Are Good Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur without marketing skills is like a silicon city without internet and power. And it is even worse for entrepreneurs who dislike doing B2B option.

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Why should you have marketing skills for you to start a business when you can employ marketers or sales people to do the rest for you? We answer that in 10 key points.


  1. You are the only person who can sell your products better than any other person, and that means that you should learn how to sell your product and be a role model to others
  2. Relying on other people to sell your products is like putting yourself under handcuffs, they may end up dictating your goals and objectives when they realize of your incapability I sales and marketing
  3. Sales and marketing is like being an ambassador of your own firm, therefore this gives you a chance to represent your firm on any for a that you shall be attending
  4. Sales and marketing is a key to creating the image of your firm, you have to sell the company’s image before anyone does.
  5. Looking at the dynamics of the business, implanting company’s goals is back-tied to marketing, if it fails then the whole thing comes down.
  6. Marketing will give you a chance to understand the needs and the wants of your customers therefore leading to customers’ satisfaction
  7. If you want to be good in customer care, you need to take care of them through marketing, this gives you a chance to treat your clients in a very special way and manner
  8. Every business relies on marketing, thus it is very insincere for one to ignore this department if you need to be successful.
  9. Repackaging and remodeling of your products will be benchmarked based on the performance of the marketing department, thus you can’t just give it a cold feet.
  10. Customers would want to listen so much on what the owner of the firm thinks about the firm, and if you are not good in marketing it can be a daunting task.







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