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10 Reasons Why Women Are Like WiFi And Men To Bluetooth

Today, women is love are thought to go for the strongest and rich, while men on their side seem to be attracted only to women’s physical appearance for primarily sexual desires.

This has given birth to famous saying, that women are like WiFi while men are similar to Bluetooth technology.

We have compiled some interesting 10 reasons why these two beings trying to look for love have been linked to these wireless communication technologies.

  1. Women are like WiFi because they see all available routers but choose to connect to the strongest router, because women prefer strong and wealthy men
  2. As for men, they are like Bluetooth because they connect to the nearest device when they want them. You only switch on your Bluetooth button once you need to use it, don’t you?, this is because men prefer dating the woman their eyes can easily spot
  3. Women are so like WiFi because you need a password to connect, so without her authority their is no chance of dating her
  4. Men with Bluetooth there is no password, you just need to accept him and you good to go
  5. With WiFi, you need an IP address to connect with your device, for you to talk to a woman, you just need her number, if she doesn’t want you, her number will remain her weapon to fight you away
  6. What about men with Bluetooth, no IP address, just need to pair and you good to go won with romance
  7. Did you notice that WiFi is not free, you must subscribe to eat with certain amount of money. So are women. No need to debate about this
  8. For men, they are like Bluetooth which is absolutely free for life. All men free, you just need to choose the one close to you!
  9. In WiFi, there is 2MBS, 4MBS upto almost 1 Terabyte per second. The price increases as you climb higher. This is so true with most women.
  10. Men are just cool like Bluetooth, free for charge throughout the life. Weather rich or poor, they all cost zero cash!

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