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10 Signs Of A Mature Driver

For the most part, the chaos that is in Nairobi CBD , a traffic is the result of motorists acting like children.

Poor impulse control, impatience, sense of entitlement, selfishness, and tantrums (the adult kind) are to blame for this dismal situation.

Driving in this country has indeed become such a chore. But then there are the true drivers who elevate themselves from the mess, not by muscling ahead with wild abandon, but instead, by holding themselves to a much higher personal standard.

  1. Mature drivers adapt quickly to immediate surrounding or new environment changes
  2. Acknowledge that there are better drivers than you, and you can take criticism positively
  3. They don’t mind letting the faster car pass
  4. A mature driver knows that money should be set aside for service and repairs. 
  5. They know when the right time to ‘play’ is, and where to do so
  6. A good driver is prepared for emergencies such as car break down. flat tire change as well as troubleshooting common problems
  7. Safety is your number-one priority
  8. You are cool and calm—always
  9. You know exactly what you are looking for in a car, and nobody can convince you otherwise
  10. You will never break traffic rules—even if everyone else around you is

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