10 Similarities Between Safaricom And Slay Queens

There are two things you must see when you are in Nairobi, a Safaricom shop and a light skin lady.

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These two unrelated entities are good and bad in the same breathe.

The funny thing is that they are good when you need them and bad when they need you. Due to this fact, Kenyan men have likened them to be sisters

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Here are 10 reasons as to why men think they are related.

  1. When you meet a light skin for the first time, she is looking nice and all seem well until you express you seek her hand in love. Same to Safaricom, they look so nice when they are offering you their membership card, or rather a Simcard.
  2. Safaricom makes your credit disappear mysteriously, while light skins drain your wallet with every kind of their expenditure
  3. Light skins are said to have more partners in love, as compared to Safaicom which have very many subscribers. These makes them likely to give you less attention when you need them most.
  4. They are ‘Gazzlers’, Safaricom have the most expensive call rates, while light skins tent to subscribe to a certain class of living, they have their own high class area of hangouts
  5. If you took a loan from Safaricom and you fail to pay in time, they will blacklist you and disconnect you from key important services, if you fail to service light skin with enough cash, they will blacklist calls and never reply texts
  6. Safricom is not very much available in rural areas, because of the terrain and few population, Light skin too, are not so large in those areas, likely cause of ‘unfavorable’ conditions
  7. For you to take a loan from Safaricom, you have to take about six months, and similar with a light skin, you have to take her to countless outings
  8. They call you at times ‘dear’ only to give you threats if you do not comply.
  9. It is so difficult to receive a gift from Safaricom, and so is the light skin.
  10. Many people use Safaricom lines to con you, and so does many firms use light skins to advertise



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