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10 Super Ingredients For Successful Marriage According To Kathy Kiuna

With more than 20 years in marriage, popular preacher Kathy Kiuna shares super ingredients for a successful marriage.

Rev Kathy who is married to Allan Kiuna, have been one of the couple goals .

Check out what she noted below .

  1. Forgive quickly.
  2. Refuse to compare your marriage to another one.
  3. Don’t get to bed when you are mad.
  4. Be intentional in your marriage.
  5. Pray daily.
  6. Don’t take each other for granted.
  7. Love your spouse.
  8. Shut down anyone who tries to sneak into your marriage with bad intentions. Don’t ever give the enemy a door into your marriage.
  9. Don’t take things too seriously. Laugh a lot.
  10. Protect your precious covenant.

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