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10 Things To Know About Akothee, The Richest Kenyan Musician

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The new sheriff in town has gone against all odds and come out of the blue to shine on top of the well-established and able bodied other artists.

She is arguably shy and her reserved nature may not reveal so much about the following facts


  1. Singer Akothee is new to Kenyans but one thing that surprised many is the kind of lifestyle she leads.
  2. Akothee was born in Migori and schooled at Nyabisawa Girls, but her education was cut short by early pregnancy.
  3. At the age of 14 she dropped out of school after delivering her first born. She was later married by the father of her child.
  4. Life took a new twist when she was chased away by her husband with three kids.She went to live with her mother in-law who employed her as a house girl for seven years.
  5. The mother in-law later chased her away.After tarmacking for a while she got a job as a taxi driver and when she was doing her daily routine, she met a Mzungu who developed interest in her; they later became lovers.
  6. While living with the Mzungu, she discovered her Singing talent; the Mzungu was supportive and made sure she succeeded in her career.
  7. After a while, the singer’s star started shinning and it reached a moment where she could rake in Ksh 1 Million for a single performance.
  8. The singer is now estimated to be worth over Ksh 800 million.She shops in Europe, drives expensive cars, and has four luxurious homes in North Coast, Mombasa, Nairobi and Rakwaro in Migori County.
  9. Akothee has heavily invested in real property, she also owns Akothee Safaris.
  10. The singer has a total of 5 kids,she also intends to add more




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