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How to Remain A standard Leader While Keeping Up with Latest Swag


Life is not all about sunny days and fun. Sometimes we have to do things that do not make us happy but at the end of the day we know that we did them with good intentions. I have recently started reading about different leaders and the different leadership styles they posses. It’s so interesting to finally see it on paper and in a very detailed way.

I have worked with teams before and I have been a team leader knowingly and sometimes, unknowingly. Now that I have a guideline, it will much easier for me to define my leadership style and work on becoming a better leader. I managed a product shoot for one of my marketing clients and I realized that there is so much more to getting things done and getting along with the people in your team. I realized that I need to put my team’s needs and the projects need first.

I need to help my team achieve tasks without breathing over their shoulder trying to do their work for them. People work better in an environment that is warm, nurturing but professional at the same time. Nobody was born a leader.

Every great leader was once clueless and timid but with time, due to their environment, people around them and experiences, they nurtured their leadership skills and became a better version of themselves. The kind of leader I am working to become is a charismatic leader who exudes enthusiasm, confidence, integrity, warmth and humility

I would also like to be a transformational leader who inspires the people I interact with to be more than they thought they could. So my readers, I wish you all the best in your redefining your leadership skills and becoming a better leader.

As I add a new feather to my leadership hat, I would like to show you a few hats by my favorite hat designer, Chloe Mitchell. Her design label is called, Drop Of A Hat. For my readers in Kenya, if you ever attended any high-end fashion event, you must have definitely seen her because her hats are hard to miss. Drop Of A hat’s pieces are hand-made and each piece is one of a kind. Chloe is also very warm and a generally happy person.

he white fascinator is my favorite of the set because the floral design looks very realistic. I also like the black detailing and the mesh cover up. Dear future husband, this is what I want to look like on our wedding day.This hat makes me feel amazing. It is definitely the “I am going to conquer the world head-piece.”

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do. I would like to feature other designers on my blog. If you know of any designer who would love to be featured on my blog, kindly send them a link to this article of simply ask them to email me on:

By Reina Kimeu

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