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6 Things Men Like And Do Not Like To Hear On The First Date

Entering on a first date is usually not an easy task, because you do not know what to expect and sometimes it is exhausting to think about everything that may involve knowing someone new, but then we share some of the things that they like and do not like listen, to make things flow better.

Here are some facts about men on their first date

1.They do not like to talk about their ex-partners

The first prohibited subject is the ex. According to a survey made by the Huffington Post, although it may cause curiosity, it is not something you like to talk about, let alone hear about your former partners, because they are there to meet each other.

2.They like compliments

They like that you compliment them, if they smell good, if they look good or anything that catches your attention

3.They do not like uncomfortable silences

Actually nobody likes those moments, and although they may be unavoidable, make eye contact, it could help eliminate the discomfort caused by the lack of words.

5.They like to be heard

It’s that simple, if you’re someone who’s used to talking all the time, it’s also good to stop and listen to what he has to tell you about him.

6.Two way account

And finally something that they do not like, that they do not see even the minimum attempt on your part to cooperate for the account, although they are prepared to cover it completely. “If they have the intention, it will be a huge and pleasant surprise for our credit card


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