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10 Things You Must Do To Succeed In 2018

New Year New Life. Although this popular phrase is not completely true, what is true is that the end of the year invites us to reflect on what worked and what did not, so that we can set goals so that the next one is better.

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This exercise can be especially useful for entrepreneurs who need to grow their business, and at the same time try to balance their personal life.

So if you still do not establish your goals for 2018, we share 10 that should be in your mind and that, if fulfilled, will make you a better entrepreneur and person:

  1. Grow your business

If you have already dared to take the first step (start your business), the next step is to do everything possible to grow it. While this does not depend completely on the entrepreneur because there are internal and external factors that influence, a good part of the success of a company is in the one who directs it.

If you still do not have an online presence or if you do not dedicate enough effort, it is time for you to do so. Create a digital strategy that allows you to position yourself and your company in the market. This includes the creation of a website, social networks, SEO and e-commerce.


  1. Find good collaborators

A successful entrepreneur knows that the key to their success lies in human capital, and that they must be surrounded by talented people who can contribute something different and valuable to their company. If you still do not integrate employees or partners to your team, probably in 2017 you will have to do it. In your search make sure you get the best and that your philosophy is aligned with your company’s; Remember that the first people in a company are the ones who define their course.


  1. Innovate in one or several areas of the business

Innovation is fundamental for any organization. Review your processes, products or services and identify the main areas of improvement and make it your goal to find innovative solutions for them. It is the only way to stay relevant in the market.

Do not be afraid to take risks and do new things. Small changes in your marketing strategy, human resources and promotion can drastically alter the direction of your business and give you the boost you need.


  1. Approach mentors

All entrepreneurs need mentors to guide them and give tools to be better. If you still do not have people like that, start the search this coming year; If you already have them, force yourself to have a constant and valuable contact with them. Remember that a mentor can give you excellent advice until you connect with key industry agents.


  1. Take care of your health

If your company is new, it is most likely that during 2014 you have neglected your health a lot. You sleep little, you eat badly and you do not exercise. For the next year try to improve your eating and sleeping habits, as well as exercise and practice meditation every day. Keep in mind that your health influences your performance and that, in the long run, neglecting it can cause physical and mental damage.


  1. Take advantage of networking opportunities

Even if you are shy or you shield yourself with the excuse of “I do not have time”, networking is vital for an entrepreneur, especially in its early stages. Create an agenda of the main events you want to attend during the year, and try not to miss them. Also consider cultivating past relationships and getting in touch with former colleagues, friends and colleagues.


  1. Be more productive

It is not about working more, but about working better. Make it your purpose to get rid of the main distractions (such as your cell phone, e-mail, calls or social networks) and focus more on your tasks. Make a work scheme that helps you be more effective and reduces the level of stress.


  1. Cultivate your professional and personal growth

An entrepreneur should never stop learning. Become a purpose to learn new skills, follow your education and perform activities that strengthen your memory and concentration. For example, learning a new language will help you increase your brain connections and facilitate decision making. So look for activities or subjects that interest you, but also serve to create contacts and increase your leadership.


  1. Be generous

Make social and environmental responsibility part of you and your business. Apply eco-friendly practices in your company, join as a volunteer to a foundation and, if possible, financially support any cause you care about. In addition to improving the image of your company and helping your community and planet, you will have a satisfaction that will allow you to achieve fuller personal life.


  1. Do not neglect your family and friends

When you are an entrepreneur you have very little time for your loved ones. However, these people can be your greatest motivation and support. Even if your agenda is always full, try to dedicate days or hours just for them. When you are having a coffee with a friend, having dinner with your partner or playing with your children, disconnect from them,



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