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10 Things You Should Know About Your Prospective Partner Before Dating In 2022

A man was married to his wife and for many years he doesn’t know his wife’s favorite color and meal.

Just like this man, many couples out there don’t really know their partners. They met each other, fall in love and rushed off to get married without getting to know who the person they’re getting married to really is.

There’s no way you will live peacefully with someone you don’t know, someone you don’t know what he or she likes or dislikes, or what means so much to the person. It’s not possible. You guys will keep having problems.

You see, the importance of knowing your partner cannot be overemphasized. It’s among the things that leads to marital success because when you know your partner, you will know how best to relate with him or her.

Also, knowing your partner shows that you cares and that you are interested in every detail of the person’s life.

What are you supposed to know about a potential partner?

1. Beliefs

Belief are the things we have come to accept as truth even when there are contrary evidences.

Belief is also a mental acceptance of something. Everyone has a belief regarding everything in life.

Your belief determines how you react to situations, it determines how far you can go with anything. This is important.

So, you are supposed to know what’s your partner’s belief system. What are his beliefs? Does he believe in God? What does he believe about women and men and life in general? Know what your partner believes in.

2. Values

Values are things that mean so much to us, things we hold dear, things that are sacred to us etc. Everyone has things that means so much to them.

They can’t trade it for anything. These are their values. The things they cherish. It can be God, faithfulness, integrity, righteousness, family, principles, etc.

Belief is what forms values. So, know what your partner values and respect that. Ask questions, what are your partner’s value?

3. Aspirations

Aspirations are things we want to achieve, they are vision, purpose, goals and plans we want to achieve.

Everyone has got something he or she wants to achieve with his or her life, everyone is heading towards a particular direction. So, know what your what partner is living for or wants to do with his or her life.

4. Interests And Hobbies

Everyone has got something that interests them, something that they love to do, something that gives them joy and happiness. Some it’s sports, some it’s writing, speaking, attending church etc. Just know what interests your partner and his or her hobbies.

5. Personality Type

Personality has to do with our temperament. Everyone has a personality. We are all unique and peculiar.

So, find out the kind of person your partner is. What is his or her personality type? Introvert? Extrovert? Melancholy? Phlegmatic? Choleric? Sanguine? Is he a quiet type or outgoing one? Find out.

6. Family, Relatives And Friends

Everyone has a family, relatives and friends. So, get to know your partner’s family members and relatives and friends too. Who are his parents, siblings, friends etc? Get to know them. These people in one way or another, they are influencing your potential partner.

7. Favorites

Just like in our opening story, the husband didn’t know what was his wife’s favorite color and meal and that caused a problem between. Everyone has got some favorites. Favorite food, music genre, color, movies, fashion, sports etc.

How can my Rose get married to me and she will not know that my favorite meal is Egusi and correct eba, vegetable soup, and beans? Impossicant! Get to know the favorites of your potential partner. This is important

8. Likes and Dislikes

Everyone has likes and dislikes. There are things that piss us off and things that gladdens our hearts.

There are kind attitudes, words, actions, foods, etc., we don’t like there are those we do like. So, get to know the likes and dislikes of your potential partner.

Knowing your potential partner’s likes and dislikes is an edge. It will help you to know how best to relate with him or her, to the things to avoid and the things to do.

9. The Kind Of Work Or Business The Person Is Doing.

You need to know the kind of business or work your potential partner is doing. This is very important. Many ladies are enjoying the money of the guys in their lives without knowing the source of it.

They just told them that they are business men or top Manger in one multinational company and that settles it. Please, where is the business or office location and what do you people sell or do? Ask questions.

10. Health Status

What is the health status of your potential partner? Is there any physical deformity, terminal disease? You need to know so you can be making an informed decision. Is there any health challenge? Find out.

Many people have been turned into untimely widows and widowers because of health challenges. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Know exactly what you are getting into.

So, these are the things you need to know about your potential partner. Make no mistake about it.

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