10 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Last For Many Years

Every year we see many launches of different smartphones, and we would like constantly to acquire the newest. However, changing the phone every twelve or even 24 months can be painful for our pocket (especially now), and that is where it is worthwhile to take measures to take care of our group and proceed to last longer.

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That is why below we give you 10 tips so that you phone is there with you for more years and you do not have to spend thousands of pesos with a certain frequency to acquire a new one.

1.- Almost all mobiles are fragile and susceptible to damage from falls. So, it is a very fair idea to have it constantly with a cover that protects it. It is an investment that can certainly save you group and proceed that lasts longer.

2.- Also, if you want your screen to last longer, a protective mica does not hurt.

3.- In case your group is not officially resistant to water, better not have it close when you are taking a bath. The steam could do so much damage depending on the water.

4.- Have you felt that your phone is getting slower every time? Maybe it’s just that you have too many applications open. Try closing them and then see how your team is going. If you plan to continue slowly, you can restore it to factory defaults (reset it) so that you have it as new.

5.- If the storage of your phone is full, explore the alternatives of benefits in the cloud according to iCloud (if you have an iPhone). You can locate packages with enough GB for very few shillings a month and there store files.

And what about the battery and the famous “programmed obsolescence”?

6.- No, your phone is not slow because © Apple or © Google so program it. There the subject is the updates. While they are remarkable to keep you group with the latest in your operating system and more secure, you should be aware that the more years you have smartphone, the slower will be with the latest update. Do not put © iOS ten to you iPhone five unless there is some news that is strictly necessary.

7.- Check and periodically clean the telephone ports. They may already have an insufficient amount of dust or some small accumulated garbage that interferes with their operation.

8.- The battery is an essential element in our phone. There are too many things you can do to make it last longer and not wear out. A few months ago we shared some advice on this point here identical in You can read them in this link.

Tips to take care of your smartphone battery

9 .- If flat battery you no longer works as before, you can buy an external and use it to charge you group while the day when necessary. This accessory is very useful also when you are away from home and maybe you can not stop to connect your phone to a socket.

10.- What if there is no other and it is time to acquire another team? Think of the years you want to last you since you’re in the store. Start by choosing a model that has enough storage for your needs. 64 GB is an ideal ratio. In any case, nothing that is less than 32 GB (and if it is Android, it has microSD slots).



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