12 Tips To Have A Beautiful And Healthy Hair

Showing beautiful and healthy hair is possible if certain guidelines are followed that will help keep it nourished, looking silky, shiny and manageable. A good diet, a proper brushing, use the right products, among others.
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Show a beautiful hair can be an easy task, but you need to pay attention to what is used, and further away from everything that can damage it, the high temperatures, products, and even the environment, can go to mistreat, and coupled with poor nutrition and poor nutrition, it can lose strength, beauty, and shine.

To prevent the hair is brittle, dry, to restore the shine, to look radiant, silky, here are some tips for beautiful hair:

1. Avoid high temperatures

Take hot showers can mistreat hair, therefore, avoid washing with hot water, use warm water and rinse with water at room temperature or cold, this will help keep hair beautiful, radiant, look healthy.

2. Beware of the use of dryers and appliances

Currently, it is very common to use a dryer, iron, tongs, among other devices that facilitate combing, however, using them constantly mistreat the hair, therefore, it is advisable to limit its use.

3. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Today, there is a wide variety of products for hair care, and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one, for this, it is first necessary to take into account the type of hair you have, also choose products that contain natural ingredients , avoid what they contain sulfates.

At first you may have to try several shampoos and conditioners until you find the one that helps your hair the most. When you bathe do not use too much of these products, use only a little, not use more will help the hair look healthy and beautiful. It has come to advise that hair washing is not daily.

4. Aware of your hair

Within what is advised to have and maintain a beautiful and healthy hair, it is necessary to consent to your hair, giving it a proper treatment, this includes going at least every two or three months to the beauty salon of your preference to be able to stand out or try with some new cut. This not only regenerates your hair, but in addition to removing the mistreated, it will help the expert suggest the best treatments to improve the appearance of the hair.

5. Let the hair dry perfectly

Allow your hair to dry in the open air, avoid as much as possible the use of a dryer, and hold it. Since in addition to accumulating unpleasant odors, it could make the hair look unhealthy.

6. Choose natural products

It is important to take care of what kind of products are used for hair care, avoid those that have chemical substances, opt for natural products, those that have essential oils, herbs, which by their properties will help keep hair beautiful and healthy. In pharmacies, or health food stores, you can find natural shampoos that will nourish the hair.

Achieving a beautiful and healthy hair is not difficult, just the constancy is enough, and follow these tips that are suggested here, without a doubt, each hair is different, and for that reason it is important to know it since it may need care and specific attention.

7. Eat a balanced diet

Undoubtedly, everything that is consumed directly affects the outside of the body, and if you take an inadequate diet, deficient in nutrients, it will undoubtedly be reflected in the appearance of the hair, therefore, take care that your diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and avoid high-fat, processed foods, by doing this you will have beautiful hair.

8. Comb your hair

Within the tips to have a beautiful and healthy hair, is the care in brushing the hair, combed gently, use a brush and comb. Do not pull, because you can mistreat it, twice a day, it’s enough, massage gently. If it is very tangled, untangle it carefully, this to prevent it from breaking, use a good conditioner, it does not have to be daily, but at least once a week.


9. Hydrate properly

In addition to eating a balanced diet for beautiful and healthy hair, it is advisable to hydrate properly, consuming at least two liters of water per day. This is essential for the health of the skin and hair.

10. Protect your hair from the sun’s rays

If you are on the beach or exposed to the sun for a long time, it is advised that the hair be protected with a cap, or cloth, or special product to prevent it from being mistreated.

11. Use natural masks to nourish hair

Another recommendation to be able to wear beautiful hair and especially healthy, is to make use at least once a week of homemade masks, which by their natural ingredients, will help keep hair healthy. There are many simple homemade recipes to prepare with ingredients such as milk, honey, avocado, egg, among other natural products, not only help to look silky hair, beautiful, healthy, but also be nourished, preventing deterioration.

12. Do not abuse the dye

Although the hair looks beautiful with a uniform color it is necessary to take care of what type of dyes, and how often they are used, since they do not stop having chemical substances, which are damaging the hair, for that reason, do not mistreat your hair using too many dyes.


Maintaining and having beautiful and healthy hair can be part of the lifestyle, if you follow these guidelines that have been suggested, it does not have to be a difficult task. As well as taking care of other areas of the body, the hair also needs special care, therefore, when taking care of it, use appropriate products, and take time to do it, a good massage, a good brushing before sleeping, as well how to make use of essential oils such as almonds, coconut, which will strengthen and maintain beautiful hair, enjoy showing and combing it.



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