10 Types Of Sex Every Man Has Once In A Life

Influential reader, experienced male, we know you more than you think. Almost as if we have spent years under your bed watching everything you do, and what you don’t .

Throughout your life you have had sexual relations of all kinds, with women of all kinds and in completely opposite situations.

All the intercourse you have had can be collected in these 10 types.

1. The first time

There is always a first time for everything. They are usually exciting, exciting and fun … except when we talk about sex.

The time when men lose virginity, discomfort, awkwardness, and speed are the norm. Men focus on doing it, regardless of whether they are doing it right or not.

The success of the first time also influences them, since it is not the same to do it with a virgin girl than with an experienced one who is guiding the young man.

The second sexual relationship is always much better (and whoever says the second says the fifteenth).

2. The last parting powder

They leave their partner but, before leaving, they sleep with her. Why do men do this? What leads you to give pleasure to the woman who has just been made the saddest person in the world? Explanations aside, it’s the norm, and most evils go through it at least once in their lives.

3. Sex after fighting

In the 21st century we put a name to everything. The ‘makeup sex’ arrives, a type of sexual act that is practiced when you are really angry with your partner.

They both argue like never before and then end up in bed. All that repressed rage leads them to have intense and passionate sex.

4. The first “mind-blowing” sexual experience

Unless the man had his first intercourse with an experienced (and older) woman, it will take a long time to realize that sex really is mind-blowing.

Suddenly, the male comes across a female that gives him the most passionate night of his life. The relationships that the subject has had so far have been good, but she arrives and makes him go up to heaven (I’m sure he’s coming to mind tonight, don’t hide it).

5. An overnight roll

Sex with strangers is another of the relationships that men maintain throughout their lives. They are in a bar or disco and suddenly they see a girl they start talking to and one thing leads to another.

An overnight adventure is something every man has been through. And if you haven’t already, you will.

It is fun: it is a few hours, or a while, that he spends with a female whom he knows nothing about and will never see again. They can do and say what they want, they are themselves.

6. Sex, plain

Surely more than once you have seen the typical couple who spends all day arguing, who have nothing in common, and yet they are still together.

Why? AHA. For sex, buddy. They only understand each other in bed, and when they do, something wonderful, inexplicable occurs.

Orgasms are so pleasurable that they make you addicted to each other. The head tells them that the best thing would be to end the relationship, but their genitals say otherwise.

7. Friends with the right to touch

They are lifelong friends, get along very well, understand and tell each other about their sexual experiences.

And suddenly one day they end up in bed. It’s not that weird and it’s quite fun for both of us. The confidence they have leads them to have a great time in the bedroom.

“Oh god, how weird is all this,” most people think. And strange it is, but it’s worth it: the man behaves as he really is and says what he really likes. He does not have the pressure to impress the girl because he wants nothing with her and knows her perfectly.

8. The trigger

It happens to everyone at least once in their life (being optimistic). They are in business and his friend does not want to work.

Your penis just wants to rest, either because it has had enough or because it is old enough and is not for those jogs.

It may also be psychological, but that’s another story. “I never thought this could happen to me,” says the male. Yes, friend, and there is no need to worry: it is more common than it seems and women are very understanding. Also you can always satisfy your girl in other ways.

9. The endless intercourse

Sometimes men come across a woman who has a hard time reaching orgasm, and have to endure like champions until she climaxes.

Sometimes this wait is unbearable because they are ready. They have to stop, rest or think about the last soccer game they have seen to continue down the canyon. Surely you remember more of such a situation.

10. When you discover what you love

Each man has a button that, when you press it, he reaches orgasm immediately. The moment he discovers it is wonderful. It can already be a fellatio, your G spot in the anus or a specific sexual posture.

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