10 Ways You Are Easily Welcoming Burglars To Your Home

Sometimes, but not always we fail victims of prey to the thieves just because we provided a good-working ground for them to execute their heinous burglar acts.

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Here are some of the things you should desist from to avoid falling victim and try to stay safe at your home.


6.Lack of CCTV camera

If you can install these important cameras, do so, some of them are affordable and if you got valuables they are actually not that expensive.

7.Oversharing on social media

Putting alot of your fortunes and money on social media gives them a hint where to strike next, bare in mind that they wish to aim where their is a return, and you will become their next target.

By the way, do you know that several theft cases have been reported after victims shared their fortunes on social media? Take care


If you are going for a long vacation, ask you trustees to come and even home seat your house. It can be very crucial to avoid stray thieves from stopping by your house

9.Open gate and garage

Please ensure that these two gates are always closed even if you are within your home, it helps to monitor who is coming in and out.

Most victims have accounted to having the gates open before they lost their valuables

10.Unlocked store and outdoor buildings

What comes to your mind when you see these outdoor rooms, hammers, machetes , pangas aong other crude tools are stored here. Thieves would want to use these tools of your instead of having to carry along their own.

It makes their work easier, pick the tools and break in your easily !





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