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10 Ways You Are Easily Welcoming Burglars To Your Home

Sometimes, but not always we fail victims of prey to the thieves just because we provided a good-working ground for them to execute their heinous burglar acts.

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Here are some of the things you should desist from to avoid falling victim and try to stay safe at your home.

1.Leaving empty driveways

If you leave an empty parking, it means you are away, it becomes dangerous if it spans to number of days, and thieves can easily tell you are not around. Instead ask neighbors and friends to occupy your parking lot

2.Dark Home

Many thieves like working in darkness, and finding a dark home for them is like a safe heaven where they can steal and escape without being notice easily

3.Hiding spare keys

Thieves work on your mind in away it seams a game to them, they can guess right where you will likely hide your spare key within your home stead and find it when you have traveled far away.

Thus said, avoid hiding spare key, rather store it with your trustees

4.Showcasing your valuable

If you leave open your expensive valuables such as gold plated watches, gold chains etc, thieves would  develop an appetite for them and plan an execution plan to get them.

It is better to stay safe than to risk even your life. Avoid putting them to display all the time

5.Bushy homestead

Make sure you cut down long grass and clear the compound so that it looks neat and well open to avoid spaces which could be hiding grounds of thieves.

Such grounds act as their gateway and even hideouts






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