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10 Ways You Can Get Wealthy In Kenya According To Billionare Chris Kirubi

Billionaire Chris Kirubi is one of the most sort after rich men in Kenya with vast investments in real estates, media and banking.

According to him, there are principles Kenyans can observe, if they are seeking financial freedom.

And his ways, used and tested by himself, may get you wealth accordingly.


Having purpose and vision is a clear path to wealthy as CK says.


If you want to succeed, planning is all you need and it has to be clear and concise, as well as smart


Asses and analyse markets before setting up an opportunity.


Right, being accountable is a must for all success chasers. And in your quest for wealthy, you need to be very much accountable


In wealth, having patience is all you must need so as you can watch yourself grow.

It is not easy, but their is no patience.


In every milestones achieved, it is reasonable to have rewards. And in your success story, their is a great deal to reward yourself


Budgeting is key and everyone is entitled to plan their budgets


Be faithful and true to oneself as highlighted in this quest for money

Value Time

Time is money and same as wealth. One uses time to acquire wealth


Create a balance in the various factions of your life to enhance productivity not only now but in the long run. Know what to do and when to do it.

Acknowledging your responsibilities

You are responsible for the successes and failures of your business. Accepting such a huge responsibility will enhance discipline in running your business and achieving success.

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