10 Worst Things You Can Experience On Valentine’s Day

You have to prepare yourself because Valentine’s Day arrives and we have the date marked in red on the calendar of love.

This year we are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, with their candles, hearts and chocolates.

 And let no one stop us because we’re going for everything. Although, Beware, worst things can be lived on Valentine’s Day , nights of love become nights of terror.

1. Composite and without boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

One of the worst situations that can be lived on Valentine ‘s Day is that you get a sit-in, that you do not go to the appointment , that you stay waiting for an hour in the restaurant composed and without a boyfriend. And tomorrow, we have to talk.

2. Valentine’s breakup

You have to have very bad day to break with your partner precisely on Valentine’s Day. If you did not want to celebrate it, to have said it, but you did not have to cut it off on a certain day.

3. Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day It is terrible that your boyfriend does not give you a gift on Valentine’s Day when you have organized a special evening. Mind you, we are not talking about diamond bracelets, which with a handmade detail serves us.

4. Valentine’s allergy

Places to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you have decided to leave your routine and have chosen an exotic restaurant for that special night. The discovery is that you have food allergies that until this memorable night you did not know.

5. Beware of alcohol on Valentine’s Day

Yes, celebrations include wine or a drink, but beware, because drinking alcohol on Valentine’s Day can make you hate this day for all eternity.

6. Valentine in the hospital

You would not be the first ones that on Valentine’s Day end up in the hospital. And not for anything serious, we wait.

But a sprain dancing in the living room with your heart attack heels or maybe an accident in the shower when you were bringing to reality one of your fantasies .

7. Uncomfortable secrets on Valentine’s Day

Communication and trust in a couple is one of the best guarantees of a happy couple, but your boyfriend confesses that just before leaving you slept with your cousin, maybe Valentine’s Day is not the most appropriate day to share secrets

8. The Valentine’s dream

Celebrating Valentine’s Day may be the dream of many people, but others do not care and they are left alone with sleep. Your boyfriend has fallen asleep after dinner? Well, wake him up, the night is not over.

9. Valentine cancelled

You already have dinner almost ready, you’ve put on your sexiest lingerie and you’re just choosing the most stimulating soundtrack when your boyfriend calls you to cancel the Valentine’s date.

10. Ex lovers intrude on Valentine’s Day

The dinner cools and the candles are consumed while your boyfriend talks on the phone … with his ex! One thing is that they have a cordial relationship and another thing is that you have to call precisely Valentine’s Day.

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