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12 Best Google Solutions For Business

Besides being the most popular and used search engine in the world, Google has a large number of tools, extensions and applications for many possible uses; offers email, cloud file storage, and document editing, many of which are in everyday use by millions of people.

For businessmen, entrepreneurs and business leaders, Google can be a faithful ally in daily work, whether it is applications aimed at managerial activities, or for the operational branch of companies. Some of them were launched in previous years, others are available recently, and are an excellent option to streamline the internal work of companies in 2021.

Next, we list the best Google applications for companies, with information extracted from the website:

1.Google Flights

Whether your job involves traveling continuously, or to schedule trips for business reasons, this flight search engine is an efficient option to find personalized routes according to your preference. It also has an alert system, which notifies if the trip you are looking for drops in price.

2.Google finance

Finance is an application integrated into the Google search engine, with all the information on the most important indices and the latest news on the financial markets, presented with an intuitive and simple interface.

3.Google Domains

Every company (and even every professional) must have a presence on the web. This Google domain name registration service offers low prices (from 9 euros per year). On the other hand, it includes additional web design services, and allows you to add a personalized email from Google Suite.

4.Google Ads

This service is the world leader in Search Engine Marketing advertising. It offers advertising solutions that allow you to place ads in the search engine and on YouTube, and offers various tools to customize how your ads are displayed. Essential item for marketing professionals.


This Google app is intended for website administrators who want to monetize through ads. The user experience is very simple, since you only need to add a code snippet to the website for the ads to be displayed automatically.

6.Google My Business

Registering for this service is essential for your business to appear on Maps, display rich information in the search engine, and provide opinions and user ratings, which allows you to reach many more potential customers.


This is a free and complete web analysis solution, to be aware of everything that happens on your website. The data is grouped into lines such as audience, acquisition, behavior, and the conversions that take place on the site.

8.Search Console

This is another essential tool for webmasters, which allows you to understand what is happening with your positioning and optimize the visibility of your website in search engines.

10.Data Studio

With this application, Google helps to process and understand data, a fundamental unit of change for companies. It allows you to enter data and convert it into charts, interactive dashboards and reports, to organize information and help make more efficient business decisions.

11.Google Manufacturer Center

This tool is intended for merchants, and helps to provide updated and authoritative information about their products to Google, so that it is correctly displayed to potential customers.

12.Google Trends

Trends is essential for doing market research in digital marketing, as it allows us to know what people in the world are looking for at any given time, and to evaluate how search trends are evolving.

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