10 Soft Skills That Can Open A Job Door For You In The Pandemic

The coronavirus has turned everything upside down in the world and also in companies.

 In the workplace, it has unmasked bosses and employees, it has served to distinguish the good from the bad, the brave from the cowardly and, above all, it has revealed the potential of many professionals .

Now, more than ever, the good guys have the opportunity to show that they are capable of adapting to change and coming out stronger in the most critical moments.

The ten essential

1.Agility .

The speed that technology provides requires agile professionals, capable of reacting in record time and diligently in decision-making.

2.Anticipation .

Visionaries have a point in their favor, because they prepare for uncertainty. Like in a race, they crouch down to run faster and win the race.

3.Learning .

The obsolescence of knowledge is a fact. Remote work and a new way of working require recycling and training throughout life.

4.Autonomy .

 Companies want freelancers who demonstrate their ability to solve problems and are innovative when it comes to solving problems.

5.Communication .

The digital environment lacks non-verbal communication, so it is essential to know how to transmit much more than machines to create more human environments.

6.Humbleness .

 It takes patience to accept that things cannot be controlled. Practice active listening, do not brag about strengths or hide flaws and mistakes.

7.Leadership .

 Based on collaboration, which motivates autonomous teams with great organizational skills. Leaders who manage in order, and who justify the demand.

8.Brand .

Confinement has made many professionals more autonomous because it has allowed them to strengthen their network of contacts. That independence is highly valued by recruiters.

9.Proactivity .

 People are required to act, not to react. Demonstrating positivity and assertiveness in daily work is key to job survival.

10.Resiliency .

Understood as the ability to adapt positively to adverse situations, it is closely related to the flexibility required to move in uncertainty.

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