12 Interesting Short Books And Very Good To Read In A Short Time

Sometimes we have so little time for all the tasks we do in our day to day that the pose read a book is a utopia, but here I have some very good books that surely enjoy dedicating 10 minutes before sleep or when there is a gap. And the best part, they will enjoy them a lot!

1. The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho

The theme of the book is the search for our destiny, the search for our dreams and the means at our disposal to achieve it. It is a book that has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide.

2. The ghost of Canterville-Oscar Wilde

Numerous adaptations have been made for the cinema and theater of this classic of literature. The book tells the story of a ghost who is dedicated to torment the English family with whom he shares a house.

3. Aura – Carlos Fuentes

The story is considered one of the most important of the Mexican novelist and one of the best in the literature of Mexican fiction of the twentieth century.

4. The guardian of time -Mitch Albom

An inspiring story by the American writer who wrote Tuesday with my old teacher, according to The Irish Independent this story is “a fairytale for adults will inspire and satisfy readers who seek a more leisurely approach to existence in a dizzying world.”

5. Pedro Páramo -Juan Rulfo

This novel is cataloged as one of the most important works of Latin American literature. Jorge Luis Borges said that it was “one of the best novels of the literatures of Hispanic language, and even of literature”.

6. Extraordinary Narratives -Edgar Allan Poe

Fantastic narrative and science fiction, the detective narrative or the adventure novel bear their unmistakable imprint. Fascinated by death and by all forms of terror, I have given the best of his talent in his mystery stories. This book is a set of his extraordinary stories.

7. Spring with a broken corner -Mario Benedetti

The Uruguay of the dictatorship and the exile combine in the optimistic image of spring as a promising future. Deep and painful testimony of the enormous commotion that political events provoked in personal relationships.

8. Letters to a young novelist -Mario vargas Llosa

Reflections in epistolary form about the art of narrating. Where to start when you want to write, where do the stories that tell the novels, how do you come up with the topics of a novelist … are some of the questions that this author is answering in this book Nobel Prize for Literature.

9. Eva Luna-Isabel Allende

While Eva tells her story, Isabel Allende evokes an entire and complex South American nation: the rich, the poor, the simple, and the sophisticated; in a novel full of characters and incidents, with drama and comedy and history, a novel that will delight and increase its devout audience.

10. The four seasons -Stephen King

Four short novels by Stephen King with a more dramatic tone than the usual horror for which this author is famous.

1 1. Fictions -Jorge Luis Borges

His publication placed Borges at the forefront of universal literature and many label him as one of the best 100 books of all time.

12. The old man and the sea -Ernest Hemingway

One of the best known works of this author, this book is considered one of the most outstanding works of fiction of the twentieth century. The protagonist Santiago is an old fisherman who has not been able to fish for 84 days. One day in the morning, I have decided to go out alone to the sea and fishes a huge fish. The fight with the fish lasts three days, in which Santiago remembers his past life.

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