13 things to keep you moving forward…

1. In life, you do not start where you are, and end at your destination the next day. There’s going to be movements;movements spiritually,mentally, financially, etc. That is the story of life. Life is all about MOVING!

2. If you’re afraid to move, you will make no progress.

3. If you’re going to see progress in your life,you have to note your starting point. You can only appreciate your movements and progress if you note down your starting point.

4. You may not have been where you want to be, but you’re definitely not where you used to be.

5. You can always start again,many of us see some years as a wasted one;because we can’t appreciate our progress. But many things have happened; you might have gained an admission, or you were single, but you’re married. You have definitely made some progress!

6. As Christians, our ultimate goal is not material possessions, but an eternal life.

7. You must be able to take off even in the
presence of enemies. People may hate you for trying to achieve something, but you need to be bold to move.

8. If you’re afraid of people’s reactions, you will make no progress. You will have to move anyhow.

9. The same God who’s protected you till now,why do you doubt His protecting you tomorrow,next month and next year? If God brought you this far, what makes you think He’s not going to see you even farther?

10. Between you and your destiny lies the
mighty Red Sea. The Red Sea symbolises a
formidable obstacle standing between you and your destiny that is seeking to crush you. Your enemies will be watching, and you may be thinking what your enemies said about your possible failure is about to come. In any movement, you’ll come against a mighty Red Sea.

11. When God makes a way, it is not temporary.

12. Most of us complain so bitterly, and forget all the good things that God has done for us when we encounter a challenge.

13. God will turn your lime, into lemonade. He will turn your setback into a stepping stone.You must have been the stone which people rejected, but you will become the chief cornerstone.

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