15 Best Pick Up Lines To Hit On A Cute Girl

You have just spotted a girl and you wondering how to approach and shoot your shots? Worry not , because this article is meant for you to win the heart of this girl.

Below are some of the best shots KOT shared if you wanted to nail a girl right when you saw her.

  1. Ukiwa wangu siezi enda kanisa juu ntakuwa nakuomba daily
  2. Sina hardware but naweza kujenga chuma kila siku
  3. I may not go down in history but I’ll go down on you
  4. Unaweza kuwa saf unibambe
  5. Kwani we ni Cyclist. Juu unakaa kuride fiti
  6. You are a work of art, and I’m pinning the art on the wall.
  7. Are you an artist…. You are drawing my attention without a pen nd a paper
  8. Niaje msupa
  9. Naweza pita na wewe kama mwewe
  10. Naitwa Gmail sitwende hivi nikusperm
  11. Tunaeza enda na hii bike nikutoe biker
  12. I know your legs are not my children but I want to raise them
  13. I know something else you can ride rather than that bicycle
  14. Castaways have a better chance of survival together than on their own, what if these two shipwrecked souls joined hands
  15. I know am past 14 but I’m 1, 4 you

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