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15 New Discovered Bewildering Facts About Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika, The ‘light skin’ and self-proclaimed Kenyans’ most successful socialite never stops to capture the attention of the media with her ever new revelations.


She seems to enjoy the presence the presence of the media at the expense of her skin. Her skin definitely pays the ultimate price every time it is poked with lightening and lady-enlargement chemicals.

  1. Her first time on a public screen came when she starred in a P-Unit screen named ‘You Guy’ and Prezzo’s ‘You Gal’
  2. She is studying interior design at Kenyatta University
  3. Her hair once costed a whooping sh.450,000 which inspired her to open a boutique in Nairobi for hair
  4. She dates a Nigerian tycoon whom she has vehemently protected from the public but often displays how the boyfriend spoils her parties
  5. Her skin lighten and hips together with boob’s enlargement costed her sh.1.5 million which was done by medical surgeons in UK.
  6. Her company is one other than her own body, therefore she has to invest in it adequately
  7. Nowadays she uses about sh.3,500 as her airtime, the amount she paid once as her rent while living in Kahawa Wendani
  8. Vera Sidika once took legal action against her fellow socialite Pendo after engaging in a night club fight
  9. She is one of the casts in TV show Nairobi Diaries
  10. The 27 years socialite was born in a humble family living in Mombasa even though her parents are from Western part of Kenya
  11. She once stripped before judges for her to provide a stiff competition to her contesters at Big Brother Africa which she eventually lost with a wide margin
  12. On one of her birthdays, she bought herself a Range Rover Sport of worth sh.20 million
  13. Her favorite part of the body is at her back, or at the hips as she says this is the heart of her successful business
  14. She is a professional prostitute though she has dismissed this claims

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