15 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Are you thinking about getting married? Many couple relationships decide to take the step of marriage for several reasons.

And although this is not an irreversible decision and, in case of error you can rectify, it is still an important decision and you must take it seriously. We have some questions that you should ask yourself before you get married and you should answer honestly.
To marry is to go one step further in the relationship, although it is not obligatory. More and more people opt for coexistence as a climax to a stable and lasting relationship, but marriage is still fashionable and many people crave a wedding. We ask: Are you sure you want to get married? And we have some more questions.

9 Do you like your life? Perhaps the fundamental question is about yourself, about whether you are happy with your life. Because a marriage is not going to make you happy if you are not previously.

10 What are you willing to change? Some things will change after the wedding, certain habits in couple, certain customs … Before taking the step, you have to speak it with your partner.

11 Is there trust? And to speak you need to have confidence as a couple. Do you have it?

12 Do we talk about money? One of the most frequent problems of couples is because of the management of money in common, that is why it is one of the clearest aspects that must remain before marriage.

13 What about the family? If you do not get along with your in-laws, it’s not an impediment for you to marry or to go ahead with your relationship, but it would not hurt that before the wedding you reflected on your family relationships.

14 And the children? If he wants to have children, if you want children, when, how and also where. Of course, if one of the two does not want to have children is not negotiable, so you have to know before continuing.

15 Can you imagine a future with him? Close your eyes and visualize your future, do you see yourself with him? Then go ahead, we hope all your dreams come true.


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