15 Skinny Girl Struggles That Are Too Real

Most people assume that we skinny girls have it easy but lo and behold, we have struggles too, real struggles for that matter!

1. Being asked “Do you ever eat?”

while they hold your wrist in a boast-y way cause they can literally hold it and still have some space remaining…



2. When you eat a lot and people keep asking you where the food goes to…

meme gif


3. Seeing memes like this… and thinking “kissing my teeth”



4. Sitting on a hard surface without cushioning,

such as a concrete floor feels like one of those punishments we would be subjected to in high school

headache gif


5. Having to re-size clothes cause they’re just too big!

kid meme face disgust


6. Having to shop at kids section cause? 12-year-old clothes fit perfectly!

Images by: Style Select

Images by: Style Select


7. You have never ever donated blood because your weight has always been under 50kgs.

Hiding GIF


8.Being asked if you model …




9.You’re constantly referred to as the ‘skinny girl’ ‘skinny friend’ ‘skinny colleague’ etc



10. Needing to wear belts all the time cause without them, you have to keep yanking the pants up.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


11. You cannot even attempt to twerk…#whereyoassatboo?

Image: MTV.com

Image: MTV.com


12. Getting bracelets and bangles that fit your wrist without falling off is almost a miracle!

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


13. If the back seat of the car if full,

you’re asked to volunteer and sit on someone’s lap to create space.

small girl thinking meme african girl


14. Having to deal with skinny-shaming…



15. Your thighs look like two hot dogs

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