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15 Ways To Treat Your Wife Responsibly

Treating your wife with respect and dignity does not need one to be a scholar or a have it all.

Women appreciate the little things we do for them everyday, and that is all that counts.

Here is what to do if you finding it hard to please the woman you married.

  1. Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking to her, it really hurts
  2. Do not speak evil of her to anyone, she will become what you call her
  3. Stop dishonoring your wife in front of your kids or public
  4. Never compare your wife to any woman
  5. Be gentle and accommodating, she has scarified so much for you
  6. Hide nothing to her, you are now soul mates
  7. Do not make any negative comments about her body, she risked her beauty for your babies
  8. Always thank and appreciate her for good work in the house such as cooking and cleaning, it is a great sacrifice she is making
  9. All women cannot cook the same, so appreciate your wife’s effort everyday
  10. Never place your siblings before her, she is your one and only wife
  11. Do not share her love and affection with another woman
  12. Stop working so much and find a perfect balance between work and family
  13. Do not expose her weaknesses, instead be her shield and defender
  14. Honor her parents and be kind to her siblings
  15. Never cease to tell her how much you love her all the time, women are never tired of hearing these words ‘I love you so much’

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