16 SECRETS I learnt from my EX.

You asked for it …

1. Always look Extraordinary (It’s Enchanting)

2. Do the little things that brings Excitement (Exhilarating)

3. Exceed expectations (go the Extra mile)

4. Expand the vision (She enlarged my dreams)

5. Examine people (She was excellent at reading my moods)

6. Extend support (She was quick to offer her support in every way)

7. Exempt the errors (She accepted my errors and never bothered to erase them but embraced me)

8. Use entreaties (Please was a common word, mutual respect)

9. Exchange gifts (She was not demanding, rather always had something to give, we exchanged surprise gifts occasionally)

10. Express Believe (As much aswe had believed in each-other, she said … you always make mefeel like a super-star)

11. Exudes Confidence (She had VIM, she told me everyone has something to be proud of.)

12. Entertains friends (Very open to friends, though she knew I had lots of friends before we meet, she always welcome my friends esp the females, me likewise, with caution though) Friends always praise her for that.

13. Excellent at the Kitchen (She was a good cook by my criteria (…one time she said… we are cooking today, no outing ..)

14. Exquisite voice! I’ve always loved voices… she sings so well… and the way she mentions my name… OMG! (She said everyone has a voice, find yours and excel in your area, it may not be singing, it could be anything. You have a Voice -Believe it & amp; Use it!)

15. Maintain Balance in everything (Take your spiritual life seriously, it’s important(A lady of faith). She made my mantra real ~ EnjoyLife (advicing, you gotta work hard, but make time to have fun, be ser.ious , but dont take life too serious,)



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