MY Virginity Was lost!!

We kissed, He pushed me in bed, He told me I shouldn’t be scared, He told me I shouldn’t feel bad. My Virginity Was lost.

I told him I wanted everything perfect, He told me everything was right, Why didn’t I felt right, Damn he was a pervert.My Virginity Was lost.

I threw him a condom, He said fuck the condom, He kissed me while throwng my clothes on the floor, He locked the door, He told me not to scream, He said this is like eatng ice-cream, This was like a dream, My Virginity Was lost.

As he went faster, As he went deeper, The more pain I felt, After all this, Blood scatted in the bed, I took my pants and belt, I felt sick and bad. My Virginity Was Lost.

He said to me, Thanks for the service, You may now leave my section, he threw me my bag, These words I shall remember, He left me with an infant, Few months past, He died of Aids, Meaning I had it too, My virginity Was Lost.

He played me. He used me as his tool, How can he be so cruel, I thought he was cool, Damn I was a fool, My virginity Was Lost.

Dear Ladies BE WISE!!



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