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17 Things A Woman Will Do When In Love

When a woman is in love, it goes without saying that she will do so much to the person she chose to love.

Here are some of the key things a woman must do to the only man she loves.

  1. She lets him know and doesn’t let him be the only one who expresses love
  2. She praises him and speaks highly of him
  3. She notices when he is living below his potential and encourages him that he can be better
  4. She values making love to him. She might say “I love you” in the middle of or after love making to express how special it is to her
  5. She covers him in public as she nurtures him to be a better man in private. The public looks with admiration at the man she has been working on and polishing and it makes her fulfilled
  6. She gives him peace. She would never want to be the reason why he is stressed or worked up
  7. She reviews herself, asking herself “Am I treating him well?” because men rarely say when they are offended and she is quick to apologise when she wrongs him
  8. She organizes his life and takes care of him without him even asking
  9. She speaks to him like the King that he is to her, with respect and gentleness
  10. She doesn’t do things that will make him feel threatened by another man. She makes him secure
  11. She advances and grows herself because she wants him to look at her and say “You are blessed. I am proud of you!”
  12. She is not the woman who is always asking “What can he do for me?” but rather the woman who asks “What can I do for him?”
  13. She is patient with him. Appreciating his growth and effort
  14. She avoids quarrels and arguments with him because she doesn’t want his experiences with her to be draining
  15. She values his advice and asks for it because she wants him to have a say in her life
  16. She understands his journey and his pain and helps him to heal
  17. She lovingly warns him when he is walking into danger. She looks out for him
  18. She loves him in a manner that pleases the God who created him

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