20 Easy Ways You Can Make Those Single Socks So Useful

It’s time to bring out all those lonely orphan socks that you’ve been accumulating for long and put them to work. Here are the best ways to do so.


21. For an ergonomic wrist rest for your computer, take a sock, stuff it with filling, and sew it closed. Whether it resembles a ferret, cat, another mammal, or no animal at all is up to you and your preferences and skill.

22. In a pinch, cut off the cuff and use it as a scrunchie in your hair. 

23. Follow these steps to create a chic sock bun (don’t worry: you’ll be the only one to know a sock is in there).

24. Curl your hair while you sleep by tying up hair with singleton socks. In the morning, you’ll have mermaid waves.

25. When dry hands and feet need extra attention, slather lotion on your extremities, cover them with socks, and go to sleep. Wake up to baby skin.

26. Stash socks in the kitchen where they’re surprisingly useful. For starters, when cooking on the stove, slip one over the the handle of your saucepan or frying pan; this will not only shield your hand from the heat but also prevent the handle from getting sticky.

27. Use a spare sock as a grip to help open stubborn jars.

28. Keep your cupboard and refrigerator clean by deploying single socks to cover the bottoms of bottles or jars containing messy, sticky, drippy stuff like syrup, honey, molasses, and barbecue sauce.

29. Store your eyeglasses in a sock.

30. Cut off the cuff of a sock and use it as a wristband.

31. The cuff can also serve as an arm band to hold your phone while working out.

32. Or, make fingerless gloves. If you want a matched pair, use an extra long knee sock.

33. By using 10 or more socks with complementary colors and patterns, you can even sew together a scarf.

34. Fashion a sleep mask with an old sock, some flat backing fabric, and an elastic band.

35. Put potpourri or dried flowers and herbs inside a sock, knot it, and stash in drawers to make them smell nice. These are the best fragrances for every room in your home.

36. Fill a sock with mothballs and stow in a drawer, chest, or closet to ward off moths.

37. To soften laundry without using fabric softener or dryer balls, take a couple of socks, put a tennis ball inside each, knot them, and throw into the dryer before running your next load of laundry.

38. Create an easy dryer sachet by filling a sock with a mix of lavender and flax seed, closing it, and using it with a dryer load.

39. A larger sock can make an improvised wash bag to hold delicates like lingerie or stuffed animals.

40. Decorate your laundry room AND help reunite your missing socks by starting a “Clean, Single & Looking” clothespin board (Harry Potter fans will want to go for the Free Dobby version).



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