20 Names On Group Of Animals You Should Know

You don’t need to master strong vocabularies while speaking English or even writing it, knowing few of the unique words in English will no doubt make you stand out and look more of a nerd.

Talking of the same, here are some of the interesting group names we compiled for you.

1.Group of eagles is called a convocation.

2.Group of giraffes is called tower.

3.Group of peacocks is called an ostentation

4.Group of snakes is called a nest.

5.Group of rabbits is called a herd

6.Group of cats is called a clowder.

7.Group of snails is called a hood.

8.Group of swans is called a game.

9.Group of dogs is called a pack.

10.Group of frogs is called an army.

11.Group of goats is called a tribe.

12.Group of elephants is called a parade.

13.Group of bees is called a swarm.

14Group of quails is called a flock, covey, queer, or bevy.

15.Group wolves is called a pack.

16.Group of tigers is called an ambush.

17.a Group of kangaroos is called a mob.

18.Group of fish is called a school.

19.Group of turkeys is called a gang.

20.Group of sparrows is called a host.

21.Group of turtles is called a bale.

22.Group of parrots is called a company.

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