22 Books Authored By Ngugi Wa Thiongó

Kenya’s top award winning writer has got 22 books under his name.

Ngugi Wa Thiongó and his books largely talk about his tribe, Kikuyu which is located in Central part of Kenya.

Check out his awesome and inspiring books



3. Writers in politics

4.Home coming

5. The River between

6. Something torn and new

7. Dreams in a time of war

8. Decolonising the mind

9. A grain of wheat

10. In the House of the Interpreter

11. Weep not Child

12. Wizard of the Crow

13. I will marry when I want

14.petals of blood

15.Devil on the cross

16.Wedding at the cross

17.The trial of dedan kimathi

18.Minutes of glory.

19.Gone with the drought

20.Devil on the cross

21.A Mercedes funeral

22.A meeting in the dark

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