3 Emotional Keys You Need To Learn

Many factors influence a person’s learning and one of these is the emotional factors that condition our actions and our development.

Brain is the organ that manages emotions and needs certain “emotional” conditions for it to make way for learning.

Among the elements that the brain must keep in harmony or with which it must have for its proper functioning are: normalize the error, reduces tension and receive support.

Normalize the mistake:

The mistake, the mistake, that red x has an emotional charge that translates into fear, guilt, threat, criticism, feelings of awkwardness. So these feelings block learning. A “that is nothing, we are all wrong” can open the doors to learning.

Reduce tension:

Too much tension causes a blockage, a paralysis that makes learning difficult, since the nervous system detects danger and instinctively the blood supply concentrates only on vital functions, leaving aside the areas involved in The learning.

Receive support:

A figure that promotes emotional closeness is vital to learn, the information that is transmitted through a person for whom I feel loved, valued and accepted is better received by my brain.

In conclusion, for learning to take place you must understand that making mistakes is allowed, that avoiding moments of tension or stress can make a difference and that the support they give us or that we offer generates trust and bond.

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