4 Characteristics Of A Good CV

Many job seekers get very frustrated when they are not shortlisted for a job or invited for an interview. This becomes quite devastating as the competition for the already scarce jobs is way off the roof. According to a recruitment consultant, one of the major reasons that many job candidates fail in the initial stage of ‘sieving’ is due to their CV. This is because a CV is supposed to market the candidate well and if it does not bring out clearly who you are as per your education and experience, then you do not get to be considered. Therefore, it is very important to check whether your CV looks appealing and updated. Here are things that a good CV should have.

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  1. Profile summary

A profile summary will give a short, clear and precise explanation of who you are, your education, experience, skills and what you are seeking for. This can be in just one short paragraph.

2.Education Background

Ensure that you give your education background in a descending order that is from the most recent downwards. This is because the first thing a recruiter will look at is starting with the first one. Ensure that you indicate the what you majored in i.e Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication), the score (Second class lower division), the institution and also the year (June 2013 to April 2015).

3. Skills and competencies

You should state your skills and competencies in your CV. Ensure that they are clear and precise. You should start with the technical ones that relate to your profession like for example if it is an accounting/finance profession;

Skills and Competencies

  • Accuracy in performing accounting procedures
  • Ability to reconcile financial accounts
  • Excellent accounting and financial compliance knowledge
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Efficient in preparing customer statements

4. Work experience

It is very important to state your work experience as this is one of the key areas the recruiter will check to see if you are qualified. Thus, state your position, the company you work (ed) for, the duration (January 2010 to may 2013), and then the duties and responsibilities. Many people tend to avoid writing the duties and responsibilities that they were doing failing to know that it is actually very crucial since the recruiter will want to know what you were/have been doing in the previous job.

There are other things that your CV can have such as the hobbies and referees section. Note that some people may not include the referees due to various reasons such as the referee being a high profile person. Therefore, if you choose not to include the referees, state that they shall be availed upon request.

All the best in your Job search!

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