4 Conditions In Women Semen Can Cure

On the internet blogs circulate innumerable notes about the incredible properties of semen or the surprising benefits it

However, much of that information may not be accurate. On the subject, here are some of the properties attributed to her are real.

1.Semen is 90% water

  1. The rest of 10% is made up of 5% sperm and 5% diverse substances; in this percentage of diverse substances is where we have antioxidants and proteins
  2. Vitamins are also found in semen to which carry some of the beneficial effects

4 Conditions In Women Semen Can Cure

  1. It is a good antidepressant

This effect is attributed to it because one of the substances that make up the semen is tryptophan, which helps the production of serotonin in the body and therefore, is related to improvements in mood; however, the amount that can be found in an ejaculation is so low that it could hardly have an antidepressant effect

  1. Prevents wrinkles and aging

This property has been attributed to semen because the semen contains antioxidants, which are necessary to maintain the health of the sperm on its way to fertilize the

Likewise the amount of antioxidants contained in semen in an ejaculation is very low, so a cream for that effect is probably more effective

  1. Reduces nausea in pregnant women

This property was attributed to semen after investigator Gordon Gallup carried out a study with which he tried to discover what was the origin of nausea in pregnant

Women derived from this study, found out that nausea was in women as a result of a protective mechanism for the fetus and that the semen may have immunological properties that will attenuate such nausea.

In spite of the interesting thing that this sounds, this “study” does not exist because it is a theory that was debated in a congress, there is no document as such where one can consult about how this mechanism would work.

  1. It has many properties

The expert points out that contrary to what is said in many internet sites, there are more risks than to ingest semen, because through this practice you can get a sexually transmitted infection.


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