4 Dangerous Drugs You Should Never Take While Travelling By Plane

Traveling is one of the best experiences we can experience, but when you leave, it is important that you do not neglect your health, so you should avoid taking any of the medications that are dangerous if you take them when traveling by plane.

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Most are very common, but they can be harmful if you do not take them with care.

Drugs that are dangerous in an airplane

According to Business Insider UK, there are 4 medications that you should not take while flying:

  1. Medications with hormones

These types of medications, such as birth control pills, have a risk of forming blood clots. When you go to a plane, there is less oxygen, which increases the risk of clots and in some cases, even venous thrombosis.

  1. Sleeping pills

Many take this type of medication to sleep despite the noise or turbulence that can be in an airplane, however, few know that increase the risk of venous thrombosis, especially in smokers, pregnant women and people with obesity.

  1. Antihistamines

These medications are effective to relax and sleep, there are even those who give them to children. But they could cause hyperactivity or difficulty breathing, which is even more dangerous when you’re on an airplane and oxygen levels in the air are lower.

  1. Anxiolytics

Anxiolytics only prevent anxious people from becoming accustomed to flying and increase sensitivity to noise and movement of the plane. In addition, it has been proven that they affect the memory of those who consume them.

Another problem is that these medications can cause a state of psychological relaxation, but in the body they cause symptoms such as tachycardia.

So before you carry the entire kit with you, make sure you check your health status so that any of these medications will benefit you and not cause you harm.

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