4 Diseases Caused By Poor Posture In The Office

Although an average workday lasts 8 hours, the reality is that the high demands of today’s professional world force us to sit in front of our computers much longer.

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In this context, health experts try to raise awareness more than ever about the disastrous consequences of sedentary lifestyle.

Spending too many hours sitting has both physical and psychological consequences, so it is recommended to incorporate sport to professional life, as well as taking breaks during the day to stretch your muscles and relax a bit.

If you do not, you expose yourself to suffer one of these 4 diseases caused by poor posture in the office:

A bad postulate can cause:


It is generated when the cervical nerves become inflamed. It causes an intense pain in the neck.


You will feel intense pain in the dorsal region of your spine. It is caused by poor postures on the desk


This is a deformation that affects people who work for long periods in chairs that do not have the necessary ergonomics. It causes pain, fatigue, sensitivity, as well as pain in the chest in very serious cases.


It is an inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles of the forearm and of the hand with the epicondyle. It is caused by the repetitive movements of the dolls, for example, those we make with the mouse.




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