4 Effects Of Unemployment On Your Health

It does not matter if you are a parent or you are single, unemployment generates in anybody’s economy, but also in their health.

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Since the debts, the expensive of the basic products and reduced salaries, can generate feelings that damage the organism.

Kenya stands at the rate of 11% on unemployment platform

However, how can unemployment affect health? Here we say some of them. Get them!

  1. Infarction. According to the study, the loss of employment represents a threat to health, and in particular to the heart, similar to diseases such as smoking and blood pressure.
  2. Depression. A study by the British Medical Journey ensures that unemployed people have a suicide risk between two and three times higher.
  3. Insomnia. According to a study by OCCMundial, one of the recurring illnesses after a layoff is lack of sleep.
  4. Increase your chance to die. A team of researchers from McGill University in Canada and Stony Brook University (USA), states that being unemployed increases the risk of dying prematurely up to 63%.

Having a job is very important, especially in an economic aspect. However, health has a higher priority, since the absence of this, no action can be taken.



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