4 Important Skills For Your CV You Can Learn Online For Free

With the world health situation following the spread of Covid-19, isolation and social distancing are called for in many countries.

For this reason, many people are doing remote work and many others take the opportunity to search for jobs that they can do online, either temporarily or even permanently.

For this reason, these periods of isolation can also serve to keep you training and adding value to your CV, something that will add a lot when looking for a new job, don’t you think?

 That is why we recommend some skills that you can add to your resume and that you can learn online and completely free of charge.

You can learn a language

It is true that many people find it difficult to learn a new language outside of traditional teaching methods, but with a little patience today you can do it perfectly from home and with different methodologies.

There are many applications to learn a new language, but there are also courses, tutorials, videos and much more.

Learn basic programming concepts

If you know programming, even in a basic way, many job opportunities will be opened to you. Today it is one of the skills most required by recruiters. Just to mention a source, in Coursera you will find a great variety of free courses on this tool.


Photography is another great tool that can open doors for you, but that may also interest you to add knowledge even if you just do it as a hobby, don’t you think?

There are many tutorials that you can find on YouTube, but also many free courses with different degrees of difficulty.


Many people have a hard time managing their own economy, they do not know how to properly manage their money.

Perhaps you can add this skill even if you don’t reflect it on your resume, but surely you will want to acquire these correct habits when you start earning money, especially if you have not yet started in the world of work, don’t you think?

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