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4 Moments When A Woman Needs A Man Most

Evn though it is always good and healthy to keep a close look at your woman as a man, there are moments when a woman needs her husband most.

We look at four major moments when a man should never fail to turn up for the woman he loves most


From HOW she wants to be touched to WHERE she wants to be touched. You will scratch her back and rub her feet tire.

~ Then WHAT she wants to eat (she may demand for hot Akara and bread with Pounded yam by 12 midnight or Suya and Ice Cream by 6am),

~ In such a time you as her Husband will need to put on more.

  • Love
  • Care
  • Patience and
  • Understanding.

~ If not, you will find yourself like some men insensitively saying to their pregnant wives “are you the first woman to be pregnant, your own is too much”

~ Always be around your pregnant Wife physically and emotionally, rearrange your schedule to be around more.

~ It’s so sad how some Men will abandon their pregnant wives at home and go drinking and clubbing with friends

~ Sex and sexual activities are not to be neglected just because she is pregnant.

Still PLAY with her and be BUSY together.


From Mood swings that can swing in any direction, to breast tenderness (pain), to spontaneous emotional displays, to the very physicality of the physical event she is experiencing (blood loss, stains), to the cries from pain associated with the menstrual cramps, Some Ladies handle their periods better than others..

~ As a Man, as your wife goes through that period monthly, she’ll need you by her side, physically and otherwise, showing her love and care. Menstruation is not Leprosy, stop avoiding her like a plague just because she is menstruating,


A Woman handles the loss of a loved one differently from a Man,
√ She will cry uncontrollably,
√ She will weep like a little girl

~ As a Man you may think she is being a drama queen, you may feel irritated or angry, but remember, she is not you, and you are not her.
let her cry, give her the space

~ Don’t tell her to stop crying,
Give her a shoulder to cry on, It will make her feel closer to her, Be understanding, let her know you feel her pain, show empathy especially when she loses someone quite close to her.


Pressure/stress can come from her work place, family, the Kids, pressure from delay in taking in/getting pregnant, from her emotions etc

~ When a woman is under pressure, she can suffer a partial to complete emotional melt down except someone is there to help.

~ She is Married, let her not face her battles alone. When she’s under pressure, and she’s complaining, crying, falling sick, please assure her, calm her down, take some duties off her, let her sleep and rest more..

~ Take her out, pamper her.
Help her relax.. And see how she’ll bounce back stronger and better for you. If you allow pressure continuously eat at your wife, she’ll age quick, she’ll be 28 and looking 48..

~ She’ll become more unloving and the home will become unbearable for everybody.. Help yourself by helping her.

Dear Husband,

God brought her to be a help meet for you. Make the Job easy for her

Regards – A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

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