4 Reasons For The Importance Of Culture Shock

Carrying out an exchange of studies makes students return to their country of origin with many stories to tell and more competitive in the job market.

During the experience, it is common for young people to feel a great cultural shock, highly beneficial for the growth and maturation of students.

Next, find out why cultural difference is important during the exchange:

1 – Promotes personal growth

When you leave your comfort zone, you will face thousands of situations in which you would not be submitted in your country of origin. As stressful as they seem to be, value each one of them, because you will realize how essential they will be for your growth. You will receive a life lesson at each expired moment and, therefore, should be valued.

2 – Increase your senses You

Will pay more attention to issues that originally would have gone unnoticed. Having a great culture shock, their perceptions are completely changed. You will start to value cultures different from yours and, consequently, you will increase your empathy towards the other.

3 – Improves your intuition

The new makes you have a better intuition, understanding cultural and social patterns. You will learn to deal with people better, since you will live with individuals completely different from you. This contact is essential for your personal growth, enhancing the way you relate to others.

4 – Potentiates creativity

The cultural shock makes you expand your horizons. From then on, the chances of being more creative increase, allowing you to have good opportunities, both professional and personal. You will realize that the greater your cultural background, the more content your creativity will have to explore and produce new ideas.

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