5 Characteristics Of Creative Schools

Conventional schools need to organize their activities so that students are covered by all topics present in the institution’s curriculum, which is practically the same in all of them.

However, some schools increasingly invest in creating an environment in which the student feels comfortable, especially through the creation of a creative learning place.

In order to identify if your school is within this standard, find out the characteristics of the places that value educational innovation:

1 – Particular attention to students

As much as teachers work with different classes, the most creative schools tend to give attention to students individually. By valuing the student for his individuality of her, his chances of identifying with that environment increase and, therefore, he wants to expand more and more the knowledge he can acquire at school.

2 – Connect the school with the world around it

In addition to mastering the concepts in the classroom, it is essential that students have knowledge about what is happening on the national and international scene. Creative schools tend to unite the two universes, associating contemporary situations to the subjects present in the curriculum proposed for that school year.

3 – Encourage critical thinking

Thinking about the professional future of these students, it is important that they have a critical sense and ability to solve problems. More and more schools aim to prepare students for this reality, investing in debates, activities that involve logical reasoning and even teamwork.

4 – Invest in different forms of learning

To take advantage of everything that is available, many schools seek constant modernization, creating a creative and more interactive classroom. Some of the resources used are digital boards, tablets, the creation of groups on social networks, such as Facebook etc. In addition, some teachers invest in games and interactive activities so that students better understand the complexity of certain concepts through fun.

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