4 Times Diamond Has Proved That He Failed In English Lessons

On many occasions, Diamond Platnumz has been caught pants down while insulting the queens language, while we may forgive him on one or even more occasions, it is hard to believe such an international well established celeb can blunder on social media with poorly written English grammar posts.


Below are 3 Instances when he thought that he was speaking good and excellent English of a celeb of his caliber.

1.Direct Translation

The correct version of this would have been simply written- ‘Tell me what is the name this song?


2.The past tense of Incomplete is just incomplete, but not incompleted. Adverbs do not take any kind of tenses, whether present, past or past participle. They remian in their initial form, they only change their degree such as ‘very incomplete, too incomplete etc’

Diamond Platnumz

3. He suffocate and massacre English even when it is not necessary. But his two kids have proven that ‘Mtoto wa nyoka si nyoka’



In Tanzania, the level of English is way very law as compared to Kenya and Uganda in East Africa, this is because they were colonized by the Germans while Kenya and Uganda were colonized by the British therefore exposing the latter to English more often than the Tanzania citizens.

Even when English was taken to Tanzania, it was thwarted harshly by the Ujamaa policy which encouraged use of Swahili than any other foreign language

All said, Diamond should take English lessons from the teach of his kids, or rather go for serious lessons!

4.Bad grammar.

Here is what he posted on his social account

“As we are about to launch @wcb_wasafi branch in Kenya…please help me tag all the kenyans talented artist, you would like to be signed under @wcb_wasafi , starting with this one…..”

This is the correct version of good English

“As we are about to launch @wcb_wasafi branch in Kenya…please help me tag all the  talented Kenyan artists, would you  like to be signed under @wcb_wasafi , starting with this one…..”


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