4 Ways To Improve Your Learning Agility

A study by Teachers College of Columbia University and the Center for Creative Leadership ensures that the so-called “Learning agility” allows people to know what strategies to use in certain circumstances and to solve all kinds of problems.

Know 4 ways to develop this skill and take advantage of both your career and work.

According to researchers from Columbia University, Teachers College and the Center for Creative Leadership, people who have the agility to learn ideas and perspectives that are no longer important to make room for others that are.

They can risk a new challenge, learn from the advice of others, be flexible, make mistakes and take advantage of the experience so as not to repeat them in the future.

They also enjoy emotional intelligence, an ability that is increasingly valued at the workplace.

How to learn with more agility?

1-Do not settle with the established

Is there something in your company that does not convince you? Do not be quiet The way to achieve something better is to encourage change and innovate. By doing so you can take your ideas to practice and really determine if they work or not. After seeing the panorama from all possible perspectives, you can determine if the change was positive or if you have to propose a new direction.

 People with learning agility are proactive, creative and persistent

2. Take the initiative

Opportunities do not fall from the sky. At least that does not happen to the vast majority. That’s why you have to take the initiative. Encourage yourself to apply for a new project that you will develop and perform new tasks that put your knowledge at stake.

The continuous challenge will motivate you to learn new skills, always with the risk to fail but also to succeed.

3. Compromise 100%

The first thing is to have a good idea. But it will not work unless you commit yourself to it 100% and it is you who carry it forward. You have to be open to suggestions, listen, be able to handle many things at once and overcome moments of stress. Then analyze the way things went and distinguish the skills that were useful to succeed and learn the skills that you would have needed to know.

4. Evaluate your performance

In addition to learning from the obvious mistakes you know, it’s a good idea to ask others to evaluate your performance.

 You can recognize certain aspects that you had not perceived and you can work to improve them. People with agility to learn are optimistic, patient, creative and can receive other opinions and express their own.

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