4 Websites To Learn About Photography For Free

The internet has become a great facilitator, both for students and professionals in all areas. 

There are thousands of content that can be learned or improved without even leaving your home . A great example of online education that can be used for free are photography tips. 

Next, get to know 4 sites to learn more about the subject:

1 –  The Photo Argus

On this site you will find tips and news about the world of photography. You will also be in contact with many photos that can inspire you to take your own masterpieces.

2 –  Photofocus

In addition to accessing high quality photos, you will also have the possibility to learn tips, listen to podcasts and find ways to improve your clicks. You will learn both about technical issues of the cameras and about the techniques themselves.

3 –  Photojojo

Within the blog you can find many tips on how to improve your photos, thus increasing the quality of each click. One advantage is that you can subscribe to newsletters on the site, receiving news published on the platform in your email.

4 –  Photography Concentrate

The focus of the site is to offer detailed material for those who would like to learn more about photography. Most of the content provided is free, as the site’s founders are true photography aficionados.

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