5 Classes You Can Take To Get Your Creativity Flowing

If you want to learn something new, but you also want it to be something that increases your creativity and that you can even take advantage of your work (or get some extra money) … well, it’s time to go back to class! Remember that human beings are all the time looking for things that motivate and excite us, and there is no better way to invest money, time and effort than with activities that have nothing to do with work. Are you ready for this challenge? It is time for you to exercise your mind and enter these classes to encourage creativity


How many times have you said ‘I would like to, but I can’t draw’? Well, let us tell you … you can always learn! Painting is an absolute pleasure and one of the perfect activities if what you want is to stimulate your creativity. And the best thing is that you can adopt any technique: watercolors, pastels, charcoal, acrylic, oil … there is a whole world to choose from, so the only thing that remains is for you to direct your curiosity to the world of art and see what you better accommodate.


The embroidery has positioned itself as one of the most popular activities nowadays, not only because many people have achieved amazing creations out of their minds to the frame, but because it is a healing, relaxing and fun activity. The best thing is that embroidery clubs have emerged from this activity, so another great benefit … is meeting new people! And that in this turbulent time is appreciated.


Learning a new language is the activity par EXCELLENCE to exercise your mind, order your thoughts and perfect your discipline, because one thing is very true with languages: if you don’t practice them, they are completely forgotten. And we know, it can be very difficult to go to class when you have a full-time job, but you can always rely on technology to help you!

Another app is Tandem, which connects you with people from all over the world, and you can chat with someone else in the language you are practicing! And at the same time, you can help them practice. And if you are already passionate about the subject, consider taking classes at an Institute, in order to obtain a certificate; your resume will thank you.


In addition to relaxing and helping you get your ideas in order, it is proven to be an activity that will help you control anxiety. Everything is a win when knitting! Also, let’s not forget that you can learn to make clothes that no one else will have, and if you go pro, you could dedicate yourself to the art of amigurumi: toys made with yarn. Believe us, it is one of the best activities you can learn.


Now if you want to learn something new so that it goes directly to your resume, how about a specialized course? At the new Condé Nast College Mexico there are several options if you are passionate about fashion or architecture: There is the AD Diploma in Interior Design, the Vogue Diploma in Creation and Management of Luxury Events, the vogue Diploma: Expert in Digital Marketing and the course Vogue: Wedding Planner. All these courses will help you prepare for new job challenges, in addition to having a lot of weight on your CV (yes, extracurricular always carries a lot of weight in the professional world). And remember: investing in your education is investing in yourself and your future. Go for it!

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