5 Cute And Sexy Photos Of Aoko Otieno, The Bane Of Kenyan Slayqueens

Anti-feminist Aoko Otieno is like the Miguna Miguna of politics, unlike the lawyer, she is skilled at deconstructing females who trade their love relationships as a source of money

Here are some facts you should know about Aoko Otieno

  1. Aoko has a degree from Bakke Graduate University in Communication and Media Studies. She is also a graduate of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication with a Diploma in Journalism. She is also a graduate of Nyong’ong’a Secondary School
  2. She is a feminist blogger and owns a personal blog website
  3. She worked or still works at Standard Media as a writer with pen name Scophine Aoko Otieno
  4. However her work is against females who are there to disrespect broke men and convert relationship into a poverty elevation means
  5. Aoko Otieno is a simple lady who has a following of around 3,000 on Twitter, but a prolific writer on Standard Newspaper
  6. She went viral on 4th July 2020 due to her strong deconstructing tweets telling off feminists preying on rich men and demeaning broke men
  7. Aoko’s twitter account grew to a mammoth following within few hours, she was nearing 10,000 followers
  8. Her tweets are heavy and loaded with English vocabularies that are satirical with very hilarious with a great message

10 Cute And Sexy Photos Of 7 Aoko Otieno

Hilarious Aoko Otieno Tweets about feminism

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